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Old 03-18-2008, 02:11 PM   #1
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Before the baseball season starts

OK, first, I know there's a Sox Planet.

But given that there are very few Patriots related threads right now, and given that I'm not in the mood to torture myself with thoughts of SB 42 or Troy Brown as a damn NY Jet, and given that there's not much else to talk about Pats wise except the draft (and given that I already know I want Ghoulston), threre's not much football wise to talk about.

And no one much goes to Sox Planet.

So before the baseball season starts, I want to discuss the really awesome thigns that happened in the 2007 season that have not gotten enough attention.

When the Sox won in 2004, Sox fans went on an extended giddyfest that lasted almost through 2005 season. It was serious fun. I'm still happy about the Roberts steal, the Ortiz homer against Quantrill, the Bellhorn homers, Alice revealing herself to bein a total douche with that silly slap, Foulke striking out Tony Clark, Judas' homers and the Cardinals demolition.

But when the Sox won this year, the collective reaction was "very nice, pass the wine and cheese, re-sign Lowell and don't sign that *** A-Rod."

Can we just stop and think about 2007 for a minute before the Sox open up in Japan? And maybe discuss it a little?

The answer is yes and I'll start.

- The Fruit Bat blew the save, the Os rallied and the sox thereby clinched the division on a Friday night. How great is that? Glorious!

- Manny's absolute bomb to beat the Angels in game 2.

- Schilling's shut down performance in game 3 (while the Pats were beating the Browns).

- Beckett's gutty performance in game 5 against Clev.

- The JD Drew grand salami after Manny and Lowell failed to deliver in game 6-

- My favorite inning of the season...the 7th inning of game 7 -- Joel Skinner's brain fart when he held Lofton; the double play that immediately followed (that I called!!!) and Pedroia's 2-run bomb that iced the game, essentially.

- Game 1 WS was a total beat down. Beckett strikes out the side and the Sox put up 3 runs. PREVIEW OF THINGS TO COME.

- Game 2 doesn't get enough attention. Total nail biter. Again, Schill was masterful.

- Game 3 was another blow out....but fun!

- Game 4 was incredibly tense. The ball that Ellsbury caught for the second out in the 9th caused me to yelp. Really, I yelped. And not enough was made of how awesome Paps was in that game. He was clearly on fumes yet he got the final four outs. Love that guy. Screw Hank, the true mouse.

So, please, share some of your thoughts about 2007. It really hasn't been discussed enough.
That just goes to show you how emotional I am about playing here, being here, and understanding what it means to be a Patriot, Faulk said. I was talking with David Patten this morning, and we were talking about other guys who left the organization . . . and speaking with those guys, they always say, Kev, its not greener on the other side of the fence. Listening to those guys, I know Im in a great situation, Ive been here, I know whats going on. Thats why Im here.
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