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Originally Posted by Dolphin22 View Post
1- Baron..with all respect...chamionships do not define an individual in a mult-player sport...its not golf or boxing...and it is absolutely fair and logical to consider post season performances in this debate & of course they are the most important & the ultimate goal...no argument here..

and I completely understand and I am aware of Marino poor performances in some of those dissapointing post seasons, but every single QB with SB rings have also had the exact same dissapointing gms in post season..as I posted 5 of Brady's 7 seasons in playoffs he literally sucked or was pathetic at best...

so how does the Marino critisism make sense or be justified lack of maybe 1 more TD pass? Shit for that matter maybe a few "Tuck Rules" or Ty Laws Rules " keeping his opponants down due to referees could have gotten him maybe 17 of 17 SB rings no matter how bad he played...get my point...we all have seen that done !!! not mentioning any names...

my other problem in this regarding such judgement...and it may even be considered contradictory, because no one like me can state enough this a team sport & it is...but arguably and i know I am 99% justified in making this comment that Marino is 1 of the very, very few NFL players that had a career with a team that his performace determined the seasons outcome...OJ simpson was another, Barry Sanders another...and they were RB's mind you...but still touched the ball 50% of the QB's time...with out these 3 individual players you can automatically scratch up to 75% wins they were directly responsible for and I think ther majority unbiased would back that statement...

with that said agree or not...I also know that its fair to say Marino along with only a couple of other QB's ...every opponants DC and players feared Marino 's arm and schemed specifically with the knowing if they can't stop Marino, period... they absolutly will lose...there was no real other threats on either side of the ball Miamis opponants had to focus on...to compare to Brady's situation...

We all know even without Brady at QB for the Patriots, and with a pathetic mediocre at best QB like Matt Cassell can still come in and win 11 of 16 gms..
Winning is winning, and when you're a highly touted player coming out of college and you play 18 seasons surrounded by all-pro players, but are one and done each year in the playoffs because you manage to lower your level of play and turn the ball over, you're a choker. Those DC and players who feared Marino were able to chew him up and spit him out in the playoffs.

When you're a sixth round pick taking a team coming off an 5-11 season and off to an 0-2 start to a SB, and then to four more winning three of them.. it doesn't matter what your stats were for 5 out of 7 games, because you did what you needed to do to get a championship 3 times in that short span.
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