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Joe Montana topped 30 TDs once.
He had 31 in 1987 and 5 of those were as a scab in strike games.
Young had 10 TDs and 0 picks in 69 attempts as his backup (only playing real games)
This was Jerry Rice's 22 TDs in 12 real games season.

Montana's toughest challenge was facing the Belichick Giants D in the playoffs.
He went 0-3 with 1 TD and 3 picks.
He scored 3, 3, and 13 points.
Comparing Belichick to any other NFL coach is like watching Katie Ledecky swim.

The "Never lost a Super Bowl" angle is the logic of a child.
The idea of every season is to win the Super Bowl.
If you lose in the playoffs that is worse than losing in the Super Bowl.

Brady passed Montana when he beat Seattle to win his 4th. (playing in his 6th)
He left him in the dust with the greatest QB game ever played vs Atlanta.
He followed that up with a 500 yard SB performance to cap an 8 TD 0 pick playoff run.

Montana is probably 2 by a wide margin but the margin is just as wide between Brady at 1 and Montana at 2.

Brady has given his team the lead in the 4th quarter in 8 of 8 Super Bowls.
  • 4 comebacks
  • 3 leads surrendered by the D
  • 1 breaking the 14-14 tie vs Philly in 2004

What Joe Cool did in the 1988 and 1989 playoffs should always be remembered as the peak of his profession (in the same way that Terrell Davis 1998 and 1999 holds for RBs)
Brady can match him close enough with 2007, 2010, and 2016 regular seasons as well as well as the 2014 and 2016 playoffs.

Brady has gone 37-6 (8-2) 130 TDs and 26 picks and 2 SB MVPs since the pigs on the Colts sideline cried about footballs air pressure.
He did this while being attacked, and smeared, and lied about by his own Commissioner.
committed actual documented crimes in the name of making Brady look bad (100% without a doubt proven perjury)
No professional athlete has ever been as great as Brady over those 43 games*

* I am not counting the 2 Belichick isn't trying games at the end of 2015. Add them in if you like as 0-2 with 1 TD and 1 pick.

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