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BoltsOwnU won't go home lonely tonightBoltsOwnU won't go home lonely tonightBoltsOwnU won't go home lonely tonightBoltsOwnU won't go home lonely tonightBoltsOwnU won't go home lonely tonight
Originally posted by mikiemo83 on 01-10-2007 at 04:45 AM
Bolts your team is the king of Pop
While the Pats are the Kings of Rock
So to 14 and 3 your record will drop
So go back to the porn and a dirty tube sock

We’ve seen your kind, a many of times
Talking all-tough, like a Dr. Dre gangsta
Spouting off your foolish little rhymes
Claiming to bang like Frank Sinatra

Oh drop on by, meet my posse
Is the invite of Bolts-stepped-in-poo
A collection of kiddies with stick horsy
A group of crooked Lawyers ready to sue

So should I fly out, make the pats showing larger?
I think I’ll pass this time, for the ending is known
“It was a sad day for the fans of Super Chargers”
I will generously put boldly on your tombstone
hahahaha!!! Bring it.

Mikimo or Threadkiller, I'm not sure who's better
Mikimo talks tough while TK masters the letter
I'm betting Mik needs to get out for some air
Maybe let some sunlight spill over his thinning hair
TK and I will be out with our beauties
Mik will be dreaming of jersey-clad cuties
I just wonder what he'll have left for pleasure
after out of your team's hide, we take our full measure
It won't be easy for him to lust after Brady
When we make him whine again like a manhandled lady
Just be sure that you don't wake mom and dad
Your whimpering from the basement's liable to make them mad.
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