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Originally posted by vinceyoungfan on 01-09-2007 at 09:41 PM
Nice there little man but let me break it down to you
Titans are number one, Ravens are number two
Titans are out of the superbowl run
now rooting for the Ravens to get it done
don't worry about little ol' me, but dare to dream
If I were you, I'd be worried about your OWN team
Don't take this as personal smack cuz i got better things to do
but don't underestimate my struggling Titans team you fool
cuz they will be back in a few months, with something to prove.
I see, my sweet little thing, that you're a glutton for punishment
Back for more of Threadkiller's cool and unusual funishment
I also see that your reply to me was somewhat discredited
By the fact that you had to double back - your post was edited
But Threadkiller's flows are always fresh, you can't deny girl
Freestyle like a madman then hit Submit Reply girl
Now I'm still waiting for you to break it down for me
Titans 1, Ravens 2, who's number 3?
Or 4 through 10. Or 11 through 16.
It doesn't realy matter cause you proved my point, you see.
You root for the Ravens? I thought you liked Tennessee.
Make up your mind, don't be a fair weather fan
Like, "If my squad can't, I'll root for one who can."
Yes your rhyme skills are weak, it also gives me a fright
What happened to stopping and saying goodnight?
I wasn't worried 'bout cha til you came in here running smack
Comparing two dollar hos to my non-stop rhyme attack
You're way out of your league in this here rhyme battle
And if the Ravens lose next week you'll root for Seattle
Now I've dismayed you, slaughtered you and slayed you
We'd win the Bowl every year if every week we could play you
And by you I mean Titans, your defense is junk
They bring tidbit hits while the Patriots bring the Funk
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