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Originally Posted by Tommydumbass420
Let me guess. You were one of those dopes who are all pissy-pants that the Patriots didn't explode their salary cap for Demarcus Ware, right?
Nope. Ware has a long history of wearing down as the season goes. I was glad we didn't sign him.
They weren't 'all-in' enough for you?
No... I actually liked both Garappolo and Easley picks.
Facts - They're worse than they were the year before, even with adding millions in guaranteed money for overpriced veterans.
Actually to start the year the Broncos were far and away the best team in football. They just had a lot of injuries and Peyton completely fell apart. You can go into a season expecting that. At full strength and Peyton in 2013 form, they're better than the 2013 team by a long shot.


Facts - The Broncos have won exactly one more playoff game in 3 years with Peyton Manning, than they did with Tim Tebow, who can't throw a forward pass - who also had about 1/3 of the actual talent to work with.

Oh yes, this is great logic. Clearly Tebow is a HOFer and Peyton isn't! Tebow > Peyton! Fantastic logic.


So. We know for a fact you thought the Patriots should have broken the bank for a 31 year old slot receiver, with a blown out knee in his past, how ever many numbers of concussions, and a propensity to lose playoff games - EVEN THOUGH in the next two seasons, he had a drug suspension, and caught 8 more passes than he did here his final year. In two seasons. With OMG Peyton Manning.
No, you are again twisting reality to suit your argument.

1. I think what the Patriots offered was the most they should have offered. I have never said they should have "broken the bank" for him.
2. Welker had a torn ACL, not "knee problems". Since 2010 he hasn't had any sort of knee issues.
3. Concussions yes, many of which came from Peyton "get his slot recievers killed with ducks over the middle" Manning. He had one reported (ie. knock out) concussion with the Patriots over 7 years. Then went to Denver and immediately had 3 in 2 years. That doesn't happen with Brady. Unless you're now arguing Brady isn't more accurate than Peyton and gets his guys destroyed?
4. Drug suspension for something completely football unrelated that no one could have predicted or seen coming. It was a party drug. You don't think anyone else on the Patriots has ever used a party drug?
5. Again, he missed a lot of time due to concussions and consequently played scared, understandably so, because the next concussion could literally kill him. That almost definitively doesn't happen with Brady throwing.
I'm going to assume, although you haven't been asked this yet, you were firmly against the Logan Mankins trade for a 3rd round pick, and a prospect in Tim Wright, (who did have 6 TDs this year, in limited action). Even though, Mankins was massively overpaid at $8 million/year, and also had a tendency to disappear in the playoffs and spent the better part of the last two seasons being the worst player on that line in pass protection.
No.. Mankins was an extremely overrated player. I hated the signing and thought/think he was responsible for costing us multiple superbowls. In 2010 Shaun Ellis made him his boy, and in 2007/2011 Tuck ate his lunch.

You are again fabricating up nonsense for the sake of your argument.
Also, he gave up 4 sacks alone vs the Saints this year with Tampa, and lost that game for them.
Okay? I have wanted to get rid of Mankins since 2008 when he stopped being a worth while player and became massively overrated and overpaid.
You bring Ron Borges attitude to the table, with about a tenth of the actual football knowledge, and for some reason can't understand why you're the most popular poster on the board.
No... You're again painting your opinion as fact. Because you know your argument is so weak that you're trying to undermine my credibility.
Scoreboard, proven facts. - Building a roster takes more than drafting skill players highly, and signing high-priced free agents.
Okay? I never once stated otherwise. In fact, I actually am for letting Revis walk if he wants anything more than 15 per year. Even at 15 per year I'm not sold on resigning him. I've already stated this.

The Patriots had exactly one first round pick on their offense this year. Nate Solder. One.
Scoreboard, proven facts. - Building a roster wins championships. 13 out of the last 15 champions subscribed to this method. That's not an accident.
Actually I would suggest that 100% of all NFL champions subscribe to the "build a roster wins championships method" that you're so proudly touting.
That's why when a linebacker goes down, I don't care who it is, the season's not over. That's asinine.
If you have two starting calibre linebackers and they are backed up by scrubs, if you lose one of them, yes your season is over. If you really think we can win a championship with Jamie Collins, Casillas, and Donte Skinner, you are completely insane.
Stunning, really.
Your ignorance really is.

Then again, you think Brandon Bolden is a better open field tackler than Jamie Collins.

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