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Originally Posted by dchester View Post
FWIW, while I personally don't have any issue with you, your posting style does rub some people the wrong way. You tend to be abrasive, and some people here aren't thick skinned enough to be able to handle it.

As for Midgar, I actually was very disappointed (in myself) that I never was able find a way to get him to realize the effect he was having on people (that he was causing the majority of the stuff that kept upsetting him). I really don't think he's a bad guy, but his posting style just brings out the worst in so many people, that something had to be done. It was nothing personal (at least not from me).
I found Midgar to be difficult from time to time, but I simply stopped posting in the thread and the next day or even the next topic, he was back to being a reasonable guy.

What defines "abraisive"? Here, the definition seems to be an opinion that rubs people the wrong way. I consider myself to be a strong Patriot supporter. I shell out $4500 a year for tickets and travel to one road game, usually Buffalo. I'm a fan as much the next guy, but I find it odd that I can't converse with Patriot fans on this board. I talk Pats, Belichick, Kraft, the business and guys like BostonTim talk about me. Something is wrong with these guys.
If my goal was to come here and please BostonTim, I would just stick my head in the toilet and call it a day.

Bitching is part of the experience. Hell, I bitch about the traffic flow on Route 1 every game... and most seem to agree with me. Always a surprise! but if I were to talk about that here, I would get driven off the board.

This is not how Patriots discussions occur in the real world. Just about anybody I talk to at any one of hundreds of Patriot tailgates is reasonable and we are able to find common ground and discuss topics. Not here.

I'm going to let it go now. Whoever runs this board likes it the way it is, and that is all that matters.

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