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Originally Posted by BostonTim View Post
Hey Douchewaffle (How's that Lisa?) EVERYONE here has actually looked at the crap you've spewed ad nausem. Few if any agree with what you have written. I guess your evaluation criteria are straightforward: if they don't agree with you they must not have actually read it.

How nice for you.
See this is what I'm talking about. I wasn't even talking about if I was right or wrong. I was pointing out how I was being rational and not making it an issue or personal war. But then out of no where someone (Lisa and now you), for no reason at all completely lose their minds and become irrational rage fueled trolls with no intent in discussion. You were wrong. Not a big deal. You're not a lesser person now. There's no need to get defensive.

I cornered some individual posters in a very poor argument (Bolden is a better special teams tackler than several elite defensive players on our team/STs requires "different techniques"/Bill doesn't worry about health on STs) and now you among others have just resigned yourself to attacking me personally instead of trying to debate the point.

You can keep crying that "we explained it already you just don't listen!" but in reality everyone saw that whenever I asked for specifics because Lisa/others were purposefully vague (How is a STs tackle different than open field defensive tackle?/what techniques?/explain the STs snaps for guys like Gronk, McCourty, Solder, etc. being limited?) it was met with "I can't answer that because I'm arguing an obviously wrong opinion so you're an a-hole who doesn't know anything and we explained this already!!"

It's really sad the state of this forum. Some of the people here are (assumedly) adults with the maturity and line of thinking of 10 year olds. You've rage banned away anyone with any sort of dissenting opinion to the point this place has become a graveyard.
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