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My off the wall notion to share just struck me like a half ounce hammer.

I troll under Agnt42 on most other boards. But only really hang on this one...Its usually just to visit the next victim of the week.

Last year I posted on Chiefsplanet. It was two weeks or so before the Monday night game that I had foru tickets too.

I posted once on Chiefs Planet under the same user name as this one, Which I may change due to it just seeming so uninspired by originality.
I said something to this effect....."we are going to come there...drink your beer.....Eat you food and beat your team.

Very light smack right?

Well this set off a tornado in the ovbviously darker parts of their planet and I got over 200 responses.

A lot of young blood over there is all I will say for now.

Its nice to have a oplace like this that I can always go home to....Even though I do stay away for sometimes weeks at a time.
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