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Originally posted by dreithraider76
My main job is rolling grenades into the breakfast cereal of the denizens of that ship of fools known as Raider Nation. Here on the front lines spirits are high. Nothing boosts the troops' morale quite like a dose of undeserved overconfidence from our opponents in the foam spike brigade. The LaMont Jordan/Randy Moss signings have left the great unwashed in a fit of gambling fury and they are desperately seeking Pats fans with whom they may plunk down their barely earned money for the opening night thrashing. I have found myself on the receiving end of their overexuberance and their stacks of benjamins. Life IS good.

I look forward to stealing your best material. I promise to use it for the forces of good.
Good work, man. Good work. I imagine you're fully deployed and making plans for the opener. Glad to see it. But take all necessary precautions. Be safe.

Personally, I think it's awfully hard on the Silver and Black's nefarious reputation to have Norv Turner leading the team. I mean there's nothing either seemingly menacing about Norv (a la Tom Flores who always looked as if he'd done hard time) or eccentric (a la John Madden), is there? Including his name. Norv.

Can you imagine Howie Long playing for Norv Turner? I can't. I think it probably pains Howie to see Turner at the Helm.

Unfortunately my best went to a cyber graveyard during the GREAT PURGING. But life goes on.
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