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Originally posted by Hawg73
This reminds me of an episode of One Step Beyond where a bride to be lets her future hubby go up in a glider and he crashes into a tree on the side of a mountain and croaks up there.

She mourns for a long time and then finally decides to get on with her life and get hitched in an outdoor ceremony. Of course a freak gust of wind blows the glider off the tree and the Ex-fiancee arrives for the ceremony with a big, bony smile on his face.

Yeah, it's something like that except for the wedding part and the gender reversal. Plus that was freakish and eerie and this is a very happy event for everyone here that remembers you.

Hey, nobody ever said an analogy has to be spot on.

Anyhow, welcome back and I hope you aren't allergic. Please let us know what you did while you were stuck in the glider when you get some time.

I really, really missed you.
Hell, that's close enough for government work. I understand what you're saying.

I feel the exact same way. Only I was thinking it was kinda like the movie with Tom Hanks where he's marooned on a desert island and befriends a basketball named Spalding. He loses a lot of weight then returns years later to find out that Helen Hunt has left him to join the cast of "Mad About You." It was all very poignant and sad. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that was The Magnificent Ambersons

Yes? Non?

But this is happy!!!

I missed you too, man. Watching Six Feet Under just wasn't the same without you.

What moron deleted the Six Feet Under Thread, anyway?


Damn, that was some of our best work, too.

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