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Originally posted by bideau
Oh sure....she takes her sax and runs away for a year, probably joining some jazz band somewhere along the line, doesn't write, doesn't call. For all we know, she could be lying in a gutter. She could have shacked up on some other message board. She could have actually gotten a life.

And then one day, voila, she just reappears. And everyone showers her with gifts Meanwhile, some of us have been trying to keep the place dusted, doing all the dirty work. And where are our gifts? Huh? Huh?

This story sounds way too familiar.

Well not me. I can't be sweet talked. The rest of you can go ahead and lays palms down in front of her. But, she's got some s'plaining to do
Now, now, Bideau...the prodigal son story is written for the benefit of the good son. Remember that.
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