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Originally Posted by benhamean View Post
They were likely surveilling the Russians, suspected by everyone in Intellignece not sucking on their nuts ala the Trump administration of having interfered in our electoral process.

They likely picked up Flynn via that route.

Regardless, Flynn and the Trump team lied about the interactions. Why? I'm sure for no reason, whatsoever.

Because it is bullshit (IMO). Trump spurted out some stupid shit he 'heard' and threw it out there (just the latest in a long long list). It takes eyes off the ball (the ball right now is Trumpcare and investigations into Russia collusions). However, this time the hornets nest is stirred, and not just on the Dem's side. Some on the GOP are sick of this behavior.

Ah, but this is incorrect.
Trump's team has lied, and continues to lie about Russian contacts.
Flynn. Sessions. Carter. Manafort.
You can say that there's no crime against (non under-oath) lying. (Sessions may have lied about it under oath, in fact, in his confirmation). WHY keep doing it?
Factor in the provision entered into the GOP platform at the convention by Manafort assisting Russia with the re-annexation of Ukraine, the established interference in our election, and the multiple contacts (with attendant lies), and that is a ton of circumstantial evidence.

And we don't know what concrete evidence there might be- Graham and Whitehouse were trying to check with the FBI just today to make sure that when they start subpoenaing documents that they wouldn't step on a possible criminal investigation.

'Getting to the bottom of this,' until last Saturday's Tweetstorm, had nothing whatsoever to do with Obama. That was a bolt from the blue, completely without evidence, and serves nothing but to buy Trump a little time out of hot water. It is a total shiny object because it introduced something other than Trump and his admin/campaign to focus on.

However, this is fine. Trump has jacked the stakes up so high that it will be looked into.

I continue to believe that this is not what he really wanted, but it's too late now.

Also, if it turns out that Obama acted illegally- he should be held accountable.
What part of it's illegal to intercept and use information against a US citizen during a foreign surveillance warrant are you not getting. You can't use the information against a US citizen period end of discussion we have due process. The transcript is null and void and can't ever be used in a court of law.

Where do you think all the leaks were coming from? Obama asked for an investigation regarding the "Russian" hacking. The Leaks have been part of this process for a while now.

Did Sessions lie or answer the question as posed? I've work in the courts for a very long time as an expert witness. I have had it drilled into my head only answer the question that was asked and never volunteer additional information.

I want to know what they found, and let the chips fall where they may. The Dems have been screaming for an investigation give it to them I'm quite comfortable with any facts that may come out.

This has been going on for 8 long months now and we know nothing and no criminal charges have been filed against anyone. Even Obama said there was no collusion, lets just lay everything on the table. Stop all these insane accusation on both sides once and for all and get on with things that are more important.

Im not going to lie the longer the Dems and the media cry wolf the more I want a resolution. I warned you about Hillary's deplorable comment and it was going to come back and bite you in the butt so is this unless it's settled once and for all.

Obama never going to be charged with anything he's to smart to leave his finger prints on anything

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