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My Game Prediction : Chiefs @ Pats 1/16/16

Chiefs 23
Patriots 13

I don't think the offensive line has a shot against the Chiefs DL (Bailey / Poe / Howard). They are the most underrated DL in the NFL ... and they are an absolute force. If we have a 70% Houston, a 70% Hali, and a little bit of Dee Ford coming off the edge ... I don't know what Tom Brady is going to do. The Patriots will not be able to run the ball against KC ... KC is the best team in the NFL against 3rd/4th and 1 (short) ... the only weakness they've had this year, and it's hardly a weakness, defensively is the deep ball (at times) and Tom (at this point in his career) either isn't a good deep ball thrower or doesn't have good enough deep ball weapons. They also are very good against TE's (Berry/Abdullah/Derrick Johnson) so I don't anticipate Gronk being an issue between the 20's (he's always a force in the red zone). I just don't think New England is healthy enough on offense to hang with the Chiefs defense.

Now, they are the Patriots, and he is Tom Brady ... so if the Chiefs lose by 20 and Tom Brady has another god like Tom Brady playoff performance, I won't be shocked, at all. I respect the hell out of Tom and love watching him play.

Offensively, the Chiefs are conservative to a fault. They usually start out fast, gain a lead, and shell up. So if the Chiefs lose today, I envision they'll have the lead for 3/4 of the game before Reid shells up and Tom pulls a Tom and the Chiefs blow it in the 4th.

But honestly, I'm confident. The Chiefs are hot. They are well coached (spare the game management point, I get it, but they're as well coached as anyone from Monday-Saturday - or in this case Friday - and that's enough most of the time) ... Smith won't make mistakes. Ware is a lot to handle (assuming he plays) in a cold weather, smash mouth game.

Chiefs : 23
Pats : 13

My life as a sports fan? Whoa.
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