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I agree MGO...

Just for reference,I'm from a small indiana town just about 5 minutes from Indianapolis. I'm Catholic and went to classes after church on Sunday for 11yrs..

Anyway...While I think a Lawsuit is over the top, I agree with the mothers reasoning. Taxpayers paid for the education these children are recieving, so from the time the bus picks them up until it drops them off they are on the taxpayers watch. Standardized test in Indiana are below average. Teachers often complain that with the current cirriculum, there is no time to get these kids where they need to be before they start the next grade. There is plenty of time after and before school for a prayer group.

Children at that age are very sensitive to seclusion. I don't think traumatized is a good word to described this kids feeling but I am sure he is feeling leftout and a little embarrassed that he isn't going to these classes.

As far as the lawsuit can you sue for something taxpayers pay for??? If you win, who is paying you? The local government that collected from taxpayers?
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