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Originally Posted by 3 Point Stan View Post
The Atlantic can be quite rough. I find that May is the worst and then it gets better but of course, exceptions occur. Bermuda's only a 2-hour flight from Boston and there are plenty of great non-stop options. But it is EXPENSIVE. There are no all-inclusives and even the optional meal plans cost a bundle. That's why cruising there is decent because your hotel and meals are all included. The draw-back as you said is the time at sea to get there.
I enjoy the time at sea. RCCL has trips to Bermuda leaving from NJ and Baltimore (at least the last time I checked). Cheap to get to those ports. Haven't been to Bermuda since our honeymoon nearly 26 years ago.

I know that cruises can be had cheap, relatively speaking. But uch of our vacation budget is spent visiting our son in NYC, the mother-in-law in Palm Beach and traveling to Chicago to move the daughter in and then back out (this coming summer).

Someday, when I'm too old to enjoy it, we'll have the extra disposable income to travel. But the leftover debt from the college tuitions is taking up a big part of the budget right now.

Our neighbors took a RCCL cruise around Hawaii. They started in Honolulu, spent one week cruising around the islands, stopping at each one. Then the ship spent four days at sea while heading to San Diego. They loved it.
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