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Originally Posted by JD10367 View Post
Approaching the memorial.

I'll shut up for a while, as I think it's appropriate. It was very quiet there. A few things to remember: the thousands who died on the Arizona are still entombed below the surface, and the wreck to this day still leaks oil, like its lifeblood, causing murky pools on the surface. There are little fish darting about, a taunting yet reassuring sign of life continuing. People also scatter flowers on the water as an offering.

I think going to Pearl Harbor should be a requirement of every U.S. citizen.

As we left the memorial, in the pic where I turned back to take a few shots of the building, that's my father-in-law who walked into the shot (which, in hindsight, was rather fitting).
When my brother went there he was approached by a confused Japanese tourist who asked him in halting english "Where is the USS Arizona?". Jerry was in a somber mood and told the guy "It's where your people left it" and walked away.
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