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I was at the game, and some people

were throwing snowballs a the Dolphins during their last "drive" he he he he! (You know, the one where they never left their own 1 yd line? Except to go backwards for a safety). Oh, boohoo, dolphins. But, the Pats D was trying to get the fans to stop.

How 'bout them grimmaces by Dave "genius" Wandsteadt? Priceless.

And how 'bout that POOCH punt by Brady? COOL.

There were a couple of Fins fans sitting quite near me- I tried to be nice, but only for so long. We needed to psyche them out, so we (fans around us) did, and they left early! They were good fans, cheering on the Fins alot, but kind of stupid. Whenever the now "definitely not winning the AFC East" Fins would have the ball, the stupid fins fans would yell and make noise. Which, of course, was good for the Patriot's defense! So, I would say, "yeah, keep up the noise", as I "ohmed" very loudly, and smacked my hand against the plastic seats.
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