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Originally posted by joephoto
I was telling the guys next to me to stop. Security guys were looking for snowballers to arrest. It sure was fun today. Hope we get MORE snow next week.
Hey, Joe!--
I was wonderin' if the security guys might be trying to catch the snow throwers and throw them out... I know that security is wicked strict in Gillette, but jeezum crow--you fans that persevered through freezing your rear-ends off today, should have been cut a little slack... Especially given the fact that the seats weren't shovelled off and all...
Above and beyond all of that--it was a HUGE NFL HIT, to see the fans throwing snow, to celebrate...
Cripes, it's not like they were throwing bottles or anything...
Anyways--I am glad that it was FUN for you! Look forward to seeing you and everyone NEXT SUNDAY, but please don't hope for MORE snow, as I want to be able to make it next weekend! ;)
Rock on, my fellow Pats fans! -Peg
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