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Patriots71 can make a spectacular post in heavy traffic
Originally Posted by Hawg73 View Post
Of course they are because there is a classic tale to be properly told of the evil wizard casting a spell on the noble King which opens a hole for the Goblin army to take over. There are all the elements that a scribe with a poison pen wet dreams about: Machiavellian treachery, innocence lost, skullduggery, an ideal, peaceful Kingdom turned into a wretched mudhole filled with despair and all because of one little problem:

Brady fucked up. He trusted him. And he should have known better.

I'll be shocked if the media can't find a way to work cruelty to a Golden Retriever puppy into the story.

This situation is far from over. Guerrero better be extremely careful because there are people who would profit greatly from his undoing and it wouldn't take a whole lot for the buzzards to swoop down to pick his bones clean.

If there has to be lies and deceit to take someone down, then not sure its something I want to be against. This is a giant media blow up over a freaking training facility that seems to be doing a lot more for the health of the pats players than their own facility which leaves a trail of broken bodies by seasons end where were are all screaming about injuries. People are hoping for a fall, and doing everything they can to lie to get their way but in the end this is about Media and its unrelenting attempt to get a blood story from the most talked about team, nothing more, nothing less.
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