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Dolphin22 isn't worthy of this boardDolphin22 isn't worthy of this board
Originally Posted by Undertaker #59 View Post
I have been getting requests to ban you from the Asylum. How come?
Because they are fvcking pathetic nieve gullible people that just want to play make believe and can't stand knowing about the real argument is post #1 on the Thread "Debate This"...just disregard the Brady Illigitimate kid thread...I know hes a good father..that was to throw in his preferential treatment and typical Pass he recieves..

as you will see for yourself my comments on the topics are completely backed by credible links and sources with the actual "FACTS" on a few major issues we debate in here...find just 1 credible debate from a Pat Fan that proves im lieing about any single one of my links that prove my argument..

You can't even find 1 single Patriot intelligent argument that proves anything other than "No Sah!!!! It isn't so !!!.."Your a douchebag D22" .. Brady is the greatest & you knowit"

Your all fvcking pathetic & this thread "Debate This" absolutely proves how fvcking pathetic you all are...UT...go ahead & ban me I pretty much wiped my ass all over all their faces in here anyway & it it certainly has lost its luster...they all smell like shit now,...
Do what you want...

you can certainly have these monkeys back up in the main board were you can all massage their balls so they sleep nice & cozy everynight
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