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Originally posted by Moebius
Just avoiding distractions. This day and age, if you think about it, it kinda makes sense. TV ain't exactly good wholesome material these days.
I second that. The amount of violence disturbs me. Last fall, in particular, there was an ad for a show (I think it was NCIS) that showed a woman being shot in the head and blood pooling around her. And I remember thinking, if I find this unsettling, how does a kid feel seeing this?

Not that it was much better in my day. Some of my earliest memories are seeing people get murdered on shows like Vega$ and Charlie's Angels.

But anyway, I would just like to emphasize that I don't have a problem with the Book of Mormon, this is just what we were told at the Lutheran school I attended. Keep in mind we were also told that anyone who didn't believe exactly what we believed was going to hell - Catholics, Methodists, Jews, Hindus, non-believers; even those who had never had a chance to accept what we were taught.

That was a big problem I had with that church as I got older. I just couldn't understand why God would send someone to Hell just for believing what they were raised to believe.

Polite demons, who would open a door for a woman carrying too many parcels, but demons nonetheless!
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