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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by FallingAlice [/i]
[B]You're right on Gabby Reece, but -- SURPRISE -- wrong on the Brittany Spears thing.

I can't help but admire a young woman half my age who has managed to turn herself into a millionaire/world celebrity.

(Oh and I'm not sure, but I think down at the bottom of the Kournikova picture, it appears that a penis-shaped object is sticking out from the bottom of the frame. Coincidence? I think not.) [/B][/QUOTE]

I want to say that I am offended by the obvious and spurious attempts by Hawg and Pookie to court your favor. Have they no decency? This is after all the girlie thread and it must remain above all about the objectification of women. I remain true to the cause and will not sacrifice my integrity simply to win brownie points with the moderator. Gentlemen, I suggest you re-examine your priorities.

That said, here is another picture of Britney. What's that you say Alice? You admire Britney? Well it would appear that I have killed two birds with just the one stone....

p.s. -- As for the phallic object, I guess we know where your mind is Alice. All of the other railings in the background do have a similar appearance...or maybe it WAS just put there to appeal to the prurient FEMALE mind.
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