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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Hawg73 [/i]
[B]Oh really NR?, Why I have absolutely no idea what you could be referring to. Thank god I gave all that nasty stuff up some time ago. :fire: [/B][/QUOTE]

Well of course I wasn't talking about you Hawg. I know that you would never engage in such silly behavior.

You weren't by chance referring to that little pitched battle you were having with mike0402ohno? The one that went on for about 40 posts and made War and Peace look like a quick read? To your credit I think you scored a coup by getting him to actually discuss football for the first time in history. Of course most of his answers still credit the QB with all that is evil and good but that is a subject for another day.

When I challenged Batman to talk about something other than Brady's performance he transferred his attacks from Brady to...Ken Walter? The old adage is true: "Offense wins games but punting wins championships." Have you ever seen two punters listed under "key matchups"?

Honestly I think I have just about had it with that board. It has been taken over by idiots and trolls. There was a time when I enjoyed trolling for largemouth just like the next guy. (Then I met a man on my porch handing out leaflets who changed my life.... :) ) I can't handle the brain damage. I am stepping aside for awhile. Let some of the others get some playing time.
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