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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by FallingAlice [/i]
[B]Here's the really [i] ghoulish [/i] thing about the Ted Williams saga. It's tantamount to burying your father alive. [/B][/QUOTE]

To me the really scary part is not the fact that his body is frozen or the theological implications. To me the part that is entirely unfathomable is that there are people out there [i]stupid[/i] enough to believe that this can work!!!

I just can't believe what a bunch of nutjobs these people are. Does it seriously matter if he is cremated, buried or stuck in a tube filled with liquid nitrogen? The guy is very, very, thoroughly dead. Make no mistake about it. He died, and then was shipped to this company in Arizona. Brain death occurs within 10-15 seconds in the absence of oxygen. Rates of cellular death vary; Organ tissue dies quickly while muscle tissue is the last to die and it can live somewhere between 5-7 hours (roughly) after death. However, the brain is the part that matters and it is surely dead. I think it is safe to assume that Ted was dead long before Arizona.

To make matters worse they freeze the head separately from the body. Not that it matters, but further evidence of the problems facing future "re-animation". Oh, and they also fill the body with anti-freeze because water turns to ice and ice crystals kill cells. However the antifreeze is also toxic to the cells as well -- which they readily admit. They are a complete bunch of frauds in my opinion.

Check out this link to an article written by the good people at ALCOR -- the company that has Ted on ice:

"Realistic" Scenario
for Nanotechnological Repair
of the Frozen Human Brain

(Those QUOTES are their own)


It is the biggest bunch of gobblydygook-quasi-scientific garbage I have ever read. They actually have information on how you can sign over your life insurance premiums to ensure your cryonic preservation. They are frauds, plain and simple. The only thing that will EVER be possible will be to clone Ted from his DNA and I think that is within the realm of possibility although not desirability. (However, the likelihood that it will be legal is another matter all together.) And if you think the original Ted was messed up WAIT till you meet the severely psychologically damaged version that is his clone.
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