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OT - Mormon Scum!

So my doorbell just rang and my dog Shadow starts barking like a mofo (good girl). I go open it and there they are with their white shirts, backpacks, and name tags. I barely opened the door halfway and recognize em for what they are and blurt out "Mormons, forget it, see ya" and start closing the door when one of em asks "do you know anyone in the neighborhood who can use an uplifting message maybe?" This hits me with the kind of laughter that shoots soda out your nose. Somehow I managed to get out "no" as I closed the door but I'm sure that wont stop em.

Was that mean?
Same as the '72 Dolphins. Now, it has become a tired and silly ritual through the years watching these graying and balding men gather each year to pop champagne corks whenever the last unbeaten team falls, and that sad clinging to the past diminishes what they did, and it if there is one thing even Pats-haters can agree on, it's this: a 19-0 Pats team makes that annual ritual disappear, mercifully, forever.

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