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Originally Posted by Hawg73 View Post
Absolutely right. Meyer was a clown. I couldn't stand him, but he was certainly an interesting character.

Right after we hired him local news ran a clip of him giving a halftime speech at SMU and Meyer was on fire and invoked Jesus to help guide his team several times. Just like at a tent revival. I thought at that point we were in big trouble, but I never heard him thump the Bible around the Pats or even mention religion.

He is worth a thread all by himself, but one thing that stuck out to me was that he would just do some crazy stuff scheme-wise. We drafted an OL named Bob Cryder with our 1st rounder in '78 and that was the year we set the rushing record.

He was an OK run blocker though nothing special, but one season Meyer decided he wanted the OL to put on some beef because we were going to run the ball. Cryder added a lot of weight --- and a lot of muscle (probably 'roids) and was sort of exhibit 1. We ran the ball great that year which was probably Cryder's best season. People were starting to notice him after he was considered a bit of a disappointment early on.

Anyhow, that year we gave up a ton of sacks and the next year Meyer reversed field and said he wanted the OL to lose weight to pass block better. The whole line. Not just one or two guys. That worked but this time our rushing suffers quite a bit. Cryder had a tough year and got hurt, if I remember right.

I think the linemen were not fond of the radical changes from year to year. At one point Hannah was running around the stadium looking for him and telling people he was going to kill Meyer for telling lies in the newspaper or something like that.
I always thought the Patriots would have done better over Meyer's tenure, had they had SMU's payroll instead of their own.
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