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HSanders is a glorious beacon of light
Is it wrong that I pictured TommyD's shit eating grin every time DL raped the Buffalo defense on Sunday?
Originally Posted by Jerry Thornton
And yet for all of it, my favorite Lewis moment was him on that final scoring drive getting brought down near the sidelines, and while he was flat on his back, signaling that the clock should keep moving. That’s the kind of situational awareness that no one on the Steelers sideline had with over three minutes to think about it, and Lewis does it in the middle of a drive.
"Coach [Bill] Belichick always used to say, 'I don't give a s--- about our defense giving up yards; all I care about is scoring defense, turnovers and the red zone,'" Woody said. "That's really the key to football. A lot of coaches pound their chest and say, 'I've got the No. 1 defense.'
"That number doesn't mean anything."

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