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Originally Posted by Patriots71 View Post
So I know this wont go over well, but I had to say it. When the patriots beat seattle, we heard nothing about how they played or how they came back as much as Seattle coach screws up, gives Patriots the game. When Atlanta passed instead of run, we heard, Pats didn't win the game, Atlanta screwed up gave them the game. Despite what the Patriots did as well to win those games. Now that Philly won, their coach is an amazing genius who made BB look like a chump. Had that 4th and 2 failed, and pats got the ball with 4 minutes left on the other teams 40, there is a pretty good chance we win....what would the media say? Philly's coach is brilliant and was aggressive, or wow another team gives the pats the win with a terrible coaching call.

I do not place a ton of blame on coaches nor BB for this superbowl, no matter what he did. Had the Patriots one, we would hear nothing about the benching of a player or who he played. In the end winning and losing is a coach calling a play and the players executing it either correctly or badly. Atlanta didn't execute, Seattle didn't execute, Patriots didn't execute, that is why they lost.

Yes sir, its the pats so either the refs give us,the game or we cheat. If we lose were done and over rated ....just how it works
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