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This is probably the greatest example of respect shown for the Patriots in a very long time:

Jeffrey Lurie wouldn’t celebrate even after the Eagles’ seemingly game-clinching strip sack
Even Lurie wasn’t sure.

By Tim Cato@tim_cato Feb 4, 2018, 10:17pm EST

Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie was on the verge of his franchise’s first ever Super Bowl win, but even he wasn’t taking anything for granted. Nope, not with everything on the line. Nope, not with the New England Patriots and Tom Brady on the other side.

With the Eagles strip sacking Tom Brady on a drive where they could have driven back to take the lead, it felt like Philadelphia finally had this. But not Lurie. Calm down, it seemed like he was saying. We aren’t out of this yet.

Lurie is famous for dancing after Eagles games. Here he is going off after his team beat the Atlanta Falcons.

But we don’t think that was that. Lurie knew what the Patriots had done. He knew about 28-3 in last year’s Super Bowl. There would be no premature celebrating here.

We respect that.
"It says a lot," a 25-year-old fan reflected, "that the greatest moment in my life is a Week 3 win over New England." I AM PATRIOTS

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