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Originally posted by Dirtywater
Fusion is getting a raw deal here.

You gals are getting on him for revealing the inner most monologue of a young guy who is human and dating. Now, I can't say all guys go out for a lunch date looking to get laid, but chances are, if they are hetero, it's well in their mind.

Still doesn't excuse her behavior. Because he wanted to get laid, he deserves the "I'll order everything" treatment? And we're assuming he was staring at her breats the entire lunch to help make the arguement.

Raw deal. Maybe I'm wrong, but the silly stuff hasn't convinved me. I think he was just being honest.

You're comparing running up a tab as being comparable to anger over not getting laid and therefore walking out on a check?

I don't know too many people who would do that. Most would take dropkick's advice. Preserve your integrity (if you have any to begin with) and lick your wounds in private with some class.

Here's another tip: If Fusion can't afford to take a woman out, then he should be honest and say so. If he's actually willing to get to know her and she likes him, then you know what? She'll be willing to go Dutch treat.

Tell me..Dirtywater...if you had a daughter, would you like to know that she had gone out with Fusion with his expectation that she should be willing to lay him for a bill of approximately $45.00?

If so, then know're raising a whore. And a cheap one at that.

I'd be very interested in hearing the perspective of men on this board who have daughters and what they thought about Fusion's approach to women.

As far as I can tell, Fusion's the kind of man that my father had in mind when he would give me $20.00 before I left on a date, "In case anything went wrong."

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