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Originally posted by BionicPatriot
Good. People will make it I bet. I know snow can be a bitch to drive through but maybe people should I dunno...bring campers to the stadium lot? And just wait? Stupid idea there....But um hmmm snowstorm+roads=hell....So hopefully as much people as possible can make it there.
It's not as easy as it sounds, Bionic. First, the lots don't open until Noon. The snow will still be coming down hard and the plows will be having trouble keeping up. I'm sure the Pats will do their best to keep the lots and access paths clear, but I don't see how they can clear the stands.

For me, it's not a comfort issue. I'll dress appropriately. It's a safety issue. If I feel I can get to and from the stadium safely, I'll be there. But there are alot of roads that will be undrivable, many people won't have power and they will not want to leave their loved ones for a game.

It will be a "game time" decision for me.
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