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Originally posted by bideau
No, they have the #21 pick.

The tie breaker is strength of schedule. The Pats had a .508 vs. 'Skins .539, giving them an easier SOS, therefore, the higher pick.
I'm glad to hear that, but that's also exactly why I asked the question. In that case, what the heck does this paragraph mean?

"Thus New England and Washington (both 10-6) are Nos. 21 and 22. If the Patriots advance and the Redskins don't, Washington would move up one spot, but New England could not fall below 22nd. "

EDIT: Disregard. Both Pats and Redskins advanced and then lost in the same round, which is what I lost track of. I was thinking the 'skins lost in the prior round. NEVER MIND. *cough*
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