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Hootie2485 isn't worthy of this boardHootie2485 isn't worthy of this board
I hear ya, you seem nice!

My posts were unpopular because I didn't have homer Patriot glasses on ... there was no trolling. There was no, "you guys suck!" I was nothing but respectful when it came to the Patriots organization. I hope some day the Chiefs can get to that level ... seems like Reid/Dorsey have them on their way.

Your buddy ousted me because I wasn't going to pretend like I did something wrong when I asked a guy why he was calling Manning a cheater. There was nothing wrong with my reading comprehension, there was nothing wrong with my posts, and I'm just not going to conform for no reason when I'm literally posting my opinion on the subject in the thread.

Since it is not pro-Patriots for Manning stuff, or QBR stuff, or deflate-gate stuff ... somehow that makes me a troll.

False. But it's your board, so it's your decision. I'm fine with it. Good luck Saturday.
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