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Re: WHat about a GTKY thread

1 What's your name? Larry

2 How old are you? 33

3 Where are you from and where do you live? Gilmanton, NH, presently in Seoul, S. Korea

4 What's your occupation? US Army

5 What do you do for fun? I have no fun

6 Your favorite sports teams? Pats, Titans

7 Your favorite TV shows? That might be considered fun

8 Married or single? Married, 14 years

9 Do you have children? 1, daughter, 10

10 What's your favorite kind of food? Anything not prepared by a gov't worker

11 Favorite non-alcoholic drink? Beer

12 Favorite alcoholic drink? I am not an alcoholic!

13 Favorite kind or music? All kinds of Rock, esp. AC/DC and a small time band out of Texas named KriticKill. If you like hard rock/metal you should check them out.

14 Favorite sport to watch? Football

15 Favorite sport to play? Softball

16 Favorite card game? The one where I win money

17 Favorite board game? See 16

18 Do you smoke? Yes, but I quit 20 times a day

19 What's your favorite day of the week? Yesterday

20 Favorite day of the year? The last

21 Favorite season? Football

22 Favorite holiday? Memorial Day

23 Okay, do you hate me now? Of course
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