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Originally Posted by Pneumonic View Post
I'm not looking to replace them. I'm simply stating that, of late, neither of them have been performing at an elite level when going up against elite teams, in big games. Thus, I don't consider them to be elite at the moment. Good, very good in the case of Brady, but not elite.
Tom Brady is just coming off of a season where he threw for 39 TD's and 5,000+ yards. He was a Welker drop away from a 4th SB. How is he not elite? Just because he hasn't had a 5 TD pass game yet, doesn't mean that he isn't in stride for a phenominal season. You add the missed FG in the Cards game and take away the debacle in Baltimore with the officials and the Pats are 3-0. Tom's been leading a team with a really inconsistent defense for several years now and it's looks to be that way again. The Patriots team needs to stop expecting so much out of Brady and start giving more support to him and the offense.
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