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YouOriginally Posted by*foobahl*

the flip side is the perfect play call not executed properly looks like garbage on the field. you need to know the play call before you can make ANY conclusions on whether the OC made the right call or not. Did the offense execute the play called or not. Did they execute the call properly. was the perfect defense called for that play.*by watching on tv nobody has any idea what the plan was, and with the Pats will likely never know. It is nice to sit back and judge each play with replay and a beer in your hand. The only thing the observer has to lose is ego (maybe money if gambling). I don't play ff anymore. I found it too easy to fire players when it meant nothing to me personally.

Sorta, but what can you see..? Run/pass , play design, formation, personnel, who is targeted, etc. A lot. And then success/fail. So if it looks like a boring vanilla, stale, predictable botch fest... Then its a fair criticism to look at the scheme and expect improvements. So overall its a combination of that and what you're talking about.
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