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Well, heres how. I played football waaayyyy back in the day, hell I was like 6 years old. And I played for two years, but I, like many other kids around here..Was never crazy about sports. Why would I wanna be outside getting sweaty when I can stay inside, feel good, and enjoy myself? Well, I had this uncle..He, along with my dad, was from Newton Mass. And my mother was from Southie..As you can tell, I have a butt load of Irish in me. My grandfather was Harold E. Clancy..A pretty famous name around Boston.

So, having a family from the area, ofcourse they were all Sox/Celts/Bruins/Pats fans. My uncle however, was a DIEHARD Patriots fan. No lie, every inch in this mans house was Patriots this, Patriots that. Being a Florida boy, I liked the Dolphins, but I never watched them..The only guy I knew was Dan Marino. I guess I liked them because they were a Florida team. And my uncle eventually got me into the Pats..And this story may sound bandwagon, but think what you will.

It was the hyped division matched up in 2001. The Patriots and Dolphins were playing eachother, and the Patriots who were suddenly wearing the magic slipper, deafeated the Dolphins soundly that day. My unlce talked me into becoming a Patriots fan that day, he offered me Patriots shirts, I mean man..This guy got me hooked right away. So my first game rooting for the Pats and they won. As the season went on, I watched..And eventually Iw as lucky enough that they were making a run that season. 2001 Was also right when I started playing football. So my football knowledge was few and far between, and needless to say I had alot to learn.

I used to think Offense had the defense's role, and that Defense wanted to score. Yes, I was that much of a geek. So, as time went on, playing football and watching it..I learned all about it. I remember watching Superbowl 36, me and my dad were out in the living room watching as Vinnaterri got ready to kick. My dad, being a Boston fan seeing it all, Buckner, Dent, etc. was scared to death. I will seriously never forget those few seconds in my life. There it was, the kick was up, EASY, right over the middle. And I felt like ice was on my back and I jumped up and raced to hug my dad..It was seriously a beutiful moment. We were screaming in disbelief.

Ever since then, I have grown so much into football, where it's an obsession of mine now. I seriously have a habbit making people Patriot fans. After that, I started watching the Sox in 03', had my heart broken by Boone, then saw them win it all in 04' And the Celtics, unlike quite a few I watch them, constantly cussing out the TV as they fail to make a simple rebound or shot. Or failure to defend. So like I said, my story seriously was a lucky timing for me. I cared about football before they won it all, and I have been like a crack addict since then.

2002, Heh..I remember it was so hard. I took so much shit from my friends. Seeing the run defense get run over like it did killed me. Seeing the Jets destroy the Pack broke my heart. But like I said, over time, from posting non stop on Patriot Planet and KFFL, my knowledge of the game grew big time. Well, thats my story atleast.
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