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Originally posted by NoRespect

You big wimp you, are you really let a little cyclogenesis push you around? You should go, really. And Cookie will be there! ;) (That's a hilarious inside joke, with no offense to Cookieincollege intended....) I must have missed out on the hunker-down gene because I definitely don't hunker. But you go right ahead and hunker if you feel the urge.
LMAO!!!... (hey--how do you find those little emoticons that are rolling on the floor, laughing their asses off?!)

Funny (on SO MANY levels!) that you should mention Cookie in your post here... Firstly, because he still wants to go tomorrow and also because "HE" is the one that thinks that I am being a big wimp... He figures that since I drive a Suburban, that I should be fearless of driving in a nor'easter... Frankly, it is the Mass-hole drivers that scare the bejeezus out of me!... (That, and Sister-of-Peg can't take care of my doggies for me, afterall... And I badly sprained my ankle earlier this week and driving just plain hurts to do right now... And, etc, etc...)
So, yes--I will HUNKER down... I thought that ALL Vermontahs were "hunkerer downers"?!...
(Tell me, did I just wordify a verb there?!...) I can't seem to get that wordify or verbify thingey straight!... ;) :p
Rock on, my fellow Pats fans! -Peg
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