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Originally Posted by chevss454 View Post
26 years ago today, Willie began his Patriots career as the 4th overall pick, the very 1st pick made under new owner Robert Kraft. A day to remember

One year at Bryant college training camp, the players were walking in a line, in a roped-off area, off the field. I fairly yelled out "Willie, I want to see you in the Super Bowl this season!" It got his attention, and he turned toward the yeller (me), and smiled and reacted a bit. I've done that sort of thing a few times in the past, as I'm sure some of you have, and sometimes do get a nice reaction.

Willie was a leader, and a winner. I went to the playoff game vs.the Jaguars in 2005, where Willie McGinnest had 4 1/2 sacks in a 28-3 victory at Gillette. That was his last home game...
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