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Originally posted by TrueBeliever
Yeah, I knew it was in your avatar. I just wanted to make sure you knew.

The reason I ask is that while doing research for my AFL helmet project, I was looking through the FAQs on the Jets' official website and read that their tickets are sold out on a season ticket basis (a la Green Bay) and no single game tickets are available.

So, were they hard to get or did you snatch yours up during the Kotite years?
I had two friends that had season tickets. Each would take me to one or two games a year.

One of the friends moved about an hour and half outside the city and knew he wouldn't be coming in for the games so he offered to sell me the season (not the rights) for a year. I bought those one year and the next when he made the same offer, he hinted at giving/selling me the rights. I pressured him and eventually he just gave me the rights.

Our deal is, I own the rights (they were switched over to me) but if I ever want to get rid of them or sell them I have give him half the proceeds.

Seemed like a good deal to take half of something I didn't pay anything for. So I have been a season ticket holder for three years and will never, ever give them up.

I hope to hand them to my daughter on my death bed.

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