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There's so many different points of discussion that have been brought up here that I can't say everything I'd like to. So I'll jump to one point.

When I was in college, one of the campus Christian groups sponsored a debate on the existence of God. They brought in a renowned, accomplished speaker who had done several such debates to do the pro-God side, and a Religious Studies/Philosophy professor for the no-God side.

I'll skip most of the detail about why I felt the event basically made the campus Christian group look like a bunch of jerks and jump to the one thing the prof said that has stuck with me all these years. (Oh man, as I write this I realize that it has been almost 10 years since this happened.)

He said that as you study the history of early man, every civilization or culture sooner or later will start claiming there is some sort of superior being, higher power, etc. that created them and that they are supposed to honor and worship and who will teach them how to live. He felt that every civilization feels the need to invent this higher power to explain things that could not be ordinarily explained, and as a way to control its people.

It wasn't until four or five years later that I thought to myself, "Couldn't it be that every civilization has come into contact with God and simply found their own way of interpreting Him, which is why there are so many varied religions that, when you boil them down, basically say the same thing?"

There has to be a God. How else is it possible that this planet just appeared here with all its environmental conditions magically set up just right to support so many varied forms of life? It just doesn't add up. It's like a speaker at another Christian presentation I was at in college said - say you take all the components of a watch, put them in a box, put the cover on the box and shake it up for five minutes.

Now, what are the odds that, by the random shaking, the parts will come together perfectly in the right order and make a functioning watch? Possible? Yes. Likely? Not at all.

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