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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Peg [/i]
[B]NoRespect--Sorry about my inordinate use of the smilie supply... Should this be yet another thing that I should feel guilty for?... Geez, perhaps I have more fetishes than I realized! Maybe this thread will continue to enlighten me... Nah!! Although, I did think of something that would REALLY be embarrassing to fess up about... :)~
(Hey--don't they make a smilie that has his tongue sticking out?!) I can't believe that you didn't see the perfect entree into an IRONIC segue... :) [/B][/QUOTE]

Like I have ever needed an excuse to point out irony. :p That is the icon with the tongue out by the way. I am not sold on it. Too feminine -- it looks more like an icon wearing makeup. Not good for my image.

The point of this thread was not to rediscover the fetishes that you already have but to discover some that you didn't know you needed yet. As a result of this thread, I am now hooked on wrestling and Wayne Newton, specifically Wayne Newton Wrestling.
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