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So, Hawg--
Is this where I am supposed to feel "guilty" for liking to kiss the fish before I release 'em?! LOL!!
Sorry, but I don't feel the tiniest amount of guilt from having this fetish...
Now, maybe I SHOULD feel guilty about spending an inordinate amount of discretionary income on my shoe fetish...
Sorry--that is the most shocking thing that I could come up with!... Guess I am just not wild-n-crazy anymore...
Now I can get back to my favorite past time of watching the paint dry...
p.s.--The whole "show tunes" thread reminded me of a funny story where the punch line is: "What KIND of gay guy ARE you, anyway?!" Know it?... (Ooh and btw, that was not intended to be some sort of "if the shoes fits..." kind of comment!) See?! I can't avoid the shoes!!
Rock on, my fellow Pats fans! -Peg
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