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Ah, memories. Yes, I heaved in school once in the 9th grade. We had shepards pie for lunch. I remember this, even though it was about 30 years ago. But, just like yesterday. Now, shepards pie, school style, had the usual corn, mashed potatoes, meat, and grease. Well, the bell rings at the end of the day, and I head for my locker. Yes, we all remember those days, don't we? I suddenly feel real sick. No problem, as my mouth wells up with 2-hours old corn, mashed potatoes, meat, oil, and digestive acids, I now face the bubbler. Thank God. Only one problem! My best buddy is getting a drink. It is winter time, and he has his then-fashionable orange goose-down jacket. Great for the cold weather. Poor Dave. I tried to let him know what was going on, but I can only make some wierd, muffled noises. Very muffled. And, he was getting a drink, so he probably couldn't hear me. Well, the next thing you know, old puke is in the air (sang like, Well next thing you know, old Jed's a millionaire), and I puked right on and all over his jacket. Everything. and being 14, he tried to punch me, and he said what the hell are you doing, you stupid sob. All I could say is Sorry, but I tried to tell you. I needed to puke in the bubbler, and you wouldn't move.
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