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Originally posted by Peg
I was wonderin' if the security guys might be trying to catch the snow throwers and throw them out... I know that security is wicked strict in Gillette, but jeezum crow--you fans that persevered through freezing your rear-ends off today, should have been cut a little slack... Especially given the fact that the seats weren't shovelled off and all...
Security had no issues with the snow fireworks. That was a spontaneous and amazing celebration. I never once saw a security person speak to anyone.

But there's a difference between the fireworks and throwing snowballs at people. Throwing snowballs at the Dolphins when they were pinned at the endzone was stupid. It makes everyone look like idiots. Throwing snowballs at people in the stands is both stupid and harmful. But I think that was just a few isolated people.

Security in general was lax yesterday. It's the 1st time I can ever remember not being frisked when entering. I saw very few cops and stadium personnel during the game. And to the credit of most fans, they behaved and had a good time.
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