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Originally posted by Peg
Well, Bideau--I must say that I was waiting to see if we ACTUALLY got the storm, as sometimes they predict these things and then we get NOTHING...
However, given that the "Delmarva Cyclo" is already upon us, I am going to opt to not drive the three hours (normally!), down to Foxboro, afterall... I feel badly about this, as a bunch of us were going to get together to tail-gate, but maybe the others can still make it...
I agree that it will probably be a logistical nightmare for everyone... Good luck & safe travels!...
p.s.--this turned out to be a wicked funny thread, as well as informational... Don't 'cha just love it when that happens?!... You just never know with the crew around here!
Well, considering that the 3 hour commute may end up being double that, it's a smart decision. The heaviest band of snow is predicted right over the 95-Rte 1 belt from Providence to Boston.

Those of us who make it will recount all the travel stories on Monday.
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