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Originally posted by FallingAlice

Personally, I think it's awfully hard on the Silver and Black's nefarious reputation to have Norv Turner leading the team. I mean there's nothing either seemingly menacing about Norv (a la Tom Flores who always looked as if he'd done hard time) or eccentric (a la John Madden), is there? Including his name. Norv.
Too true. Norv is as safe as milk. His press conferences make Bill Belichick sound like Bobby Knight. He has all of Bill's deadpan platitudes without any of Bill's nasty little undercurrent of "I'm holding out on you on purpose, you little $hits... especially you Borges." And what with Wierd Al rocking the Woolworth rhinestone eyeglass leashes and the Tom Turkey flabby chin their public face (or scowl, as it were) is in dire need of some rhinoplasty - if for no other reason than to Bondo the buckshot acne scars that adorn Norv's grill.
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