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Originally Posted by Undertaker #59* View Post
What was the post? I missed it. Guess I can check the revisions later.

But hope you come back NS, no need for over reaction to criticism. It is just a message board. Roll with it.

Sorry for the neg rep Bid.

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I really don't care about neg rep.

I won't repost his original thread (BTW, mods can see the original post), it was another deflategate related post and how it relates to JimmyG. Others could have found it interesting, I personally am tired of all things DG and we have more JG threads than I care to count.

To each his own. If a negative reaction to a post impacts someone that strongly, perhaps a step back to gain perspective is a good thing. I stepped away for 7 months because I found myself less willing to play nicely with others. I have enough irritants in my life without needing social media to pile on.

NSPats, sorry you reacted so strongly. Most people who know me say I'm a nice guy. Mileage may vary for others.
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