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Originally Posted by anderson View Post
It's not fiction, but it is exaggerated. Making it mandatory to perform background checks for every seller isn't really a huge deal.
However, increasing the accuracy (and speed of processing) of the NICS system is a huge deal and should be applauded even if you dislike that it's being performed through an executive action.
I have my suspicions about the expanded background checks. In CA, as of January 1, they are already knocking on dorrs and confiscating guns from peopel that legally owned them, because of legal violations that are decades old, such as in the 70's.

My expectation is Obama is looking to nationalize this. I am highly skeptical that he is looking to put in a fast lane for buying guns. There is just no way.

By the way....I literally laughed when I saw Obama crying on TV. It was so obviously contrived, and even his mannerisms were contrived. he was obviously being schooled to mimic Bill Clinton in that speech....I'm surprised he didn't let fly a "I feel your pain" during the speech. It obviously wasn't in the slightest bit genuine emotion. It was acting.

In his defense, 90% of politics is performance and acting, anyway. I just wanted to have another chuckle over the crocodile tears he shed....and the liberal media is all abuzz about it...headline news.

Can you imagine if George Bush came out and cried during 9/11? Does anyone think the media would be swooning over how sensitive and caring George Bush is?
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Originally Posted by benhamean View Post
Who is this self-important instigating douche-bag, anyway?
Dude, Baron has been a valued member of this forum for quite some time.
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